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A lifelong commitment to learning is the journey of life. If you agree, then this is the place for you. This website gathers resources for online creators pursuing a career outside mainstream institutions who are in need of meaning-making and sense-making. The modern world has gone through a series of changes that placed meaning-making and sense-making as a secondary endeavor to life-style design and success. Wisdom is typically thought to be the result of traumatic and challenging events. Insisting that this is the only way to obtain wisdom can limit one's ability to make wise choices. This website will make the use of joyous choices in art, film, and sciencebacked wisdom.

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Resources, a must watch

  1. Rebel Wisdom's The War on Sensemaking - Returning back to the basics actually increases our sovereignty
  2. TEdx: Neuroenlightenment: John Vervaeke
  3. Jordan Greenhall - Why we need collective enlightenment.


There hasn't been a major project for revenge since Nietzsche.

I will make the claim that for sense-making and meaning-making to occur, a major revision of retributive justice needs to happen in the collective mides of individuals. I will release a series of works in video format, blog posts, and articles. A video entitled Nausea at a Distance is the attempt to re-examine the project of revenge as the central role for meaning in shareholder-capitalism. Several videos and articles will explain how subjected individuals are given no choice but to accept the meaning of life as obtaining revenge or - get this - the act of sacrificing revenge as a means of NOT obtaining it. Sacrifice is rooted in the old model of prohibiting desire - as the model of all other desires and enjoyment to follow in restricting, mitigating, and prohibiting desire. Civilization must engage in sacrifice of desire and enjoyment for life to have any semblance of meaning. As a species, we must move past this game played at a symbolic level in order to displace the old ritualistic sacrifices we had in the past.